"Nothing is impossible with God" Luke 1:37

Founded in 2019 by Kiley Sheehy. We are here to serve women and girls discovering their perfect and invaluable self worth, in the light of Jesus Christ. Healthy eating, confident body image, and and knowing all things are possible when we give ourselves fully to Christ, are our vision for all the women of the world.


Just Eat the Donut (part 1)

Spring and summer 2018 were not easy. In the start of the spring I was working at a terrible job. It was such a terrible mismatch for me I became physically and chronically ill. If you know me I am so so hard on myself when it comes to illness. I play tapes over and over again about how feeble and weak I have to be to get sick, and how strong it makes me feel to push through even when I’m at my worst (and with some 2020 perspective, totally compromising everyone around me). B



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