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Celebrating our Patroness, St. Elizabeth, in the Visitation

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

So excited to talk about St. Elizabeth and her journey, that I made our first video a few Sundays ago, on the Feast of the Visitation. Even when you feel like you fall short of the broken standard society has given you, know that Elizabeth walked that too. She felt the brokenness and heartache that comes from worrying:

  • am I good enough?

  • am I contributing enough?

  • am I strong enough?

  • am I giving enough?

Although her brokenness was unlikely tied to eating, not eating, counting calories, wanting to be beautiful, skinny, toned, unique, and praised for our bodies -- like the new societal charges that break our hearts today -- it was a similar struggle for control, and not knowing her value and worth until she experienced the fullest joy in Jesus.

Have a wonderful feast day, everybody! 💕

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