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Letting the Light In with Kamri Phillippi

Kamri Phillippi (@KamPhoxy) was Kamri Phox when I first met her. Since then, she's been famously friendzoned, moved into a house with all my best friends, married the friendzone, dubbed him #whitehusband, had a beautiful baby boy, fostered and adopted three active young ladies, taught, discipled, shared, educated, prayed, loved, and otherwise built a holy, thriving, open life for herself and everyone she encounters. One of her many side hustles includes this podcast, "Letting the Light In with Kamri Phillippi."

She is a giver who gives up everything for Christ and has detailed her many run ins with the Lord and His grace in all kinds of accounts. I love listening, reading, and watching everything she puts into the world. This two-fer especially hit home for me. Kamri walks through her testimony and journey with her eating disorder, and pinpoints the times and places the Lord was available to her through His scripture and the chosen people He's put in her life. There is so much healing through the word and through our relationships if we allow ourselves to be loved like Jesus loves us, and -- which Kamri sets out to explain -- we check our pride at the door.

UGH THIS IS SO GOOD! Part two coming next week! Thank you so much Kam for being a part of this!


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