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The Perfect Toolkit: Special Feature with TheSundayMonday

One of the beautiful founders at TheSundayMonday -- Jane Kennedy asked me to write a piece about being bold in life.

I am not bold. I am, at most, a very aggressive version of web-dings, like this gif:

Or like my face:

But I managed to write a little something anyhow. We are called to be great saints, by way of serving the Kindgom as our most authentic selves. I developed the idea of "a perfect toolkit." We are each endowed by our Creator with (1) certain inalienable rights, and (2) a wholly unique and powerful means of being GREAT SAINTS!

You, exactly as you are, harness exactly the right weaponry to knock out satan, and live a beautiful and holy life. Never believe anything different than that. Eat well, sleep well, and fuel yourself to everything He put you on this earth to be.


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