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Third Day of Advent: Be like this Pretend Kid

“You have revealed them to the childlike.”

In the journey to recovery from an eating disorder we have to humble ourselves. We have to become childlike: honest in knowing our limitations, honest in knowing we’re not the ones who know best, and still indefatigable in joy and optimism. Think about kids you know.

They know when they’re not tall enough to reach something, so maybe they try and stack a bunch of boxes on a coffee table. Not a great idea. They don’t know anything about safety, or the resources at their disposal.

With the guidance of an adult, they can do a little bit better. They can ask a question, like, “Can you help me make this contraption of precariously stacked boxes a little taller?”

OH HELL NO, said more like, “That’s unsafe. Can I help you get it from the top shelf instead?”

This hypothetical kid from my story has no idea what’s good for him, or how to get to the highest shelf all on his own. He’s optimistic there’s a way, when he tries to take care of it himself, he puts himself in all kinds of harm, and it’s only when he makes himself open to guidance, is he able to get what he wants.

Be like this pretend kid. Try new stuff (seek guidance from Jesus). The old stuff isn’t working (not seeking guidance from Jesus). Ask for help. Never give up hope. Someday you’ll reach the peak! You’ll get what you need to keep going.

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